AFTER the Unboxing. How did the July products work? Glossybox

I am always the last person on the planet to get my subscription boxes.  So living my life vicariously through others, I watch every unboxing on YouTube with bated breath.  And if I’m lucky, an unboxing will morph into a first impressions video.  (Yes, I am a beauty addict.)

Once the video ends though, that’s pretty much the end of it. We rarely hear anything further about the products in that particular box.  Oh, the ‘good’ stuff may make a reappearance or be repurchased, but the bad stuff is never mentioned again.

The box that we waited for so eagerly is tossed aside and fades into memory.  And we begin the impatient wait for the next one.

I don’t have a lot of ‘extra’ income and the splurges that those boxes represent are important to me.  They are an extravagance in my budget  and I want them to be worth the money that I spend on them.  It’s partly about discovering great new products but it’s also a way that I spoil myself.  I don’t go out for pedicures but I really enjoy my subscription boxes.

Glossybox is a subscription box with several different subscription plans.  The average plan is about 20 dollars a month and promises 5 luxury beauty products.  You can log into your account and collect ‘glossy dots’ by leaving reviews and making purchases.

Here is a referral link if you’d like to sign up (Note: I don’t make any money from this link.  I just get a few extra points toward a free box which makes my budget happy):

So here are my ‘picks and  pans’ for the July Glossybox.   This is not a first impressions blog, because  I have used these products for about a month.  This is a straight up ‘was the box worth it after a few weeks?’ review.

I keep the products from each month’s boxes in a basket on my makeup table.  And everyday I try to use at least one product out of it.  I rarely can do a ‘full face’ makeup look, but I try to find ways to use a color of eyeshadow that may not be something that I’m used to or a new product that may be out of my comfort level normally.

The  hits and misses of the July Glossybox.

It started off with promise.  The box was themed ‘Tropical Beauty’.  It wasn’t the normal pink box (which is always an elegant touch).   An erotic garden of Monstera deliciosa adorned the outside to add to the ‘tropical’ theme.  It was beautiful.  This unboxing was starting off well.

Inside were 6 products.  Wait, what?  The packing slip that comes with every Glossybox says that there is 7 products.  Hmmm.

Unboxing Glossy July 2 001

Well, this started out auspiciously but are things taking a down turn?

1.  Dr. Paw Paw Multipurpose Soothing Balm.  $10.00   8 oz

The ‘Spin’:  The description reads:  One of the most talked about balms is here to soothe your skin for the summer!  The aloe, olive oil and Carica Papaya extracts are blended together to create a multi-purpose formula that you can carry with you at all times.

Unboxing Glossy July 002


The ‘Real’:  This is a tube of glorified vaseline.  No, seriously.  The very first ingredient is petroleum jelly.  It is heavy and greasy on my hands.  It stained my sheets when I used it on my feet. According to the tube, you can use it as a hair conditioner.  You have got to be kidding me.  I’d never be able to get it washed out of my thick hair.  

2.  Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait in Exotic Fruits.  Full size/ 19.00

 ‘The Spin’: The description reads: Wrapped in adorable packaging and infused with cocoa butter, this 100% cruelty-free lipstick keeps lips plumped and glowing with its intense color pigments


Unboxing Glossy July 008.JPG

The ‘Real’:It was fashionable when I was in the 6th grade (1969) to wear white lipstick.  This product took me straight back there.  I’m not sure who could wear this ultra pale nude.  I’ve read the ingredients and I’m not quite sure how the company can make the claim to keep lips ‘plumped’ any more than chapstick does.  The ‘adorable’ packaging referred to on the packing slip was a CARDBOARD tube.  The lipstick was broken when it arrived.  

3. NCLA ‘Clean Up YOur Act’ Full Size $16.00

The ‘Spin’: The description reads: “We all make mistakes.  Lucky for you NCLA’s precision nail lacquer remover pen is here to help clean up any accidents!  Pen includes 3 replacement tips!



Unboxing Glossy July 013.JPG


The ‘Real’: This pen was empty when it arrived.  I have no idea if the product simply evaporated (it’s July in California and the heat is intense).  Or if there was some sort of quality control problem at the factory and it was shipped empty .  As a consumer, neither really matters to me.  What matters is that I have nothing to work with or evaluate.  (sob)

4. La Roche – Posay  Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser  Full size 15.00/13.5 Oz.

The ‘Spin’: Your skin should never feel tight after cleansing!  La Roche-Posay’s gentle products remove impurities and reduce excess oil while helping to prevent over drying.

Unboxing Glossy July 014.JPG

The ‘Real’: I liked this product.  Or at least, I think that I might have liked this product.  But it didn’t come in a 13.5 fl oz tube as the packing slip showed.  It actually came in a .5 oz tube, which was about 2 uses.  And this certainly wasn’t a $15 dollar value which was very misleading.

5. Doucce x Glossybox Blush Duo Palette  Freematic Small Cass 10.00  Freematic Blush Mono 14.00

The ‘Spin’: Hand selected for you by our Glossy color experts, this limited-edition Blush Duo is a fashionista’s dream…

Unboxing Glossy July 024.JPG


The ‘Real’: I liked this product.  I’ve used it frequently throughout the last month.  I thought it was a great color (sort of similar to Nars ‘Orgasm’), highly pigmented and has a really buttery texture.  It arrived with a tiny chip (you can see it in the bottom right corner) and that caused quite a bit of fallout but I didn’t mind that.   I just don’t understand why we only received one-half of the product and the rest is supposed to arrive in next month’s Glossybox?  Apparently this is what caused the discrepancy between the 7 products listed on the packing slip and the actual 6 products in the box.  

6.   Luesta Beauty  Coconut Milk Shampoo and conditioner   Full size shampoo 14.00/16.9 oz. Full sized Conditioner   $14.00/16.9 oz 

The ‘Spin’:  Over having dry, damaged hair?  This nourishing shampoo and conditioner duo help battle brittle locks with vitamin packed coconut milk and a healthy pH level.

Unboxing Glossy July 018



The ‘Real’: These were not 16.9 oz products that were shown in the packing slip.  These  were 1.4 oz tubes of product.  It’s hard to form an opinion about a hair product after just two uses.  And again, very misleading as far as what the value is.  

I’ve been subscribed to Glossybox for around 6 months.  I think that this was the most disappointing box during that period of time.  Perhaps I was lured into a false sense of excitement by the promise of the beautifully themed box.  But the products were not up to their usual standards and it feels as if the retail value was exaggerated.

But boxes can be hit or miss and thankfully I have had more hits than misses.  And I’m waiting (impatiently) for the August boxes.


Note:   I was a military wife for almost 30 years and now live on a very modest pension.  It does not cost you any more to purchase a product through my links, and  only means that I receive a small commission on the sale (really, very small) to help me get by.  So if you actually do put that yellow ribbon on your car, please consider purchasing through my links.  Thanks so much. 





Can I Live Without It? Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

One of the higher-end products that I don’t find at the drug store and have become dependent on is Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream. (According to the website, it’s pronounced ‘Boom-Boom Cream’. Apparently, ‘boom-boom’ is a cute, slang term for your, well, you know.) It’s only found at Sephora stores or on-line. And it’s 45 bucks a jar.

I don’t use it on my er…bum, but on my arms, shoulders and legs. The scent ranks among one of the best that I’ve ever smelled in a beauty product. It’s a sort of white chocolate, brown sugar, night-blooming something sort of smell. The website says ‘the fragrance is Pistachio Caramelo’.  Do pistachios smell like this? (I don’t know where the cosmetics industry get the names that they use, but I want some of whatever they’re drinking.)

Bum-Bum Cream makes the skin on my arms look firmer and smoother and my skin seems so soft now. And I spent a lot of time trying to understand why.

The website says “Guananá, the key ingredient in this product, is known to temporarily tighten and lift the skin’.
I couldn’t find any ingredient that is used in skin care called ‘Guanana’. I was able to find Guarana, which is a caffeinated berry found in Brazil. So I’m going to assume that’s a typo. Paullinia Cupana (Guaran) seed extract is listed as the 14th ingredient in the ‘Bum-Bum Cream’ after water and several kinds of alcohol. The caffeine in Guaran is supposed to tighten your skin.  Would using a caffeine serum do the same thing?

bum bum cream 071.JPG


When I use the cream, it doesn’t really seem to ‘moisturize’ my skin very much. The cream soaks in quickly and there’s no oily-greasy after feel. I’m not a chemist, but I’m guessing that the several types of alcohol listed in the ingredients do not help with moisturizing the skin.  I’m bummed (no pun intended) about that.

Also, there are tiny, tiny, tiny bits of mica in the cream.  You don’t see them in the jar.  You don’t see them when applying the cream.  I never noticed them until I was outside on a morning after I had applied the cream before bed.  The mica seemed to be stuck pretty solidly to my skin and was so fine that my skin almost seemed pearlized.  According to the make-up scientists  mica  “gives the illusion of a softer more youthful look by reflecting light away from visible lines and wrinkles. Mica acts as a texturizer, filler and thickener”


Yes, my skin looks firmer, but could I get the same effect with cheaper ingredients? Probably.  But the smell is amazing and I haven’t found another less-expensive lotion to replace it.

I always forget about ‘the dog’ part of the blog.  I actually have more than one dog.  This is Little Vita.  She was my husband’s service dog.

veeta muddy

These days, she has a lot less responsibility in life.  She never causes me a single problem (unlike her sisters and brothers).  She’s become my primary hiking partner because she never wanders far from me and gets along with the dogs and people that we find on the trail.

Note:   I was a military wife for almost 30 years and now live on a very modest pension.  It does not cost you any more to purchase a product through my links, and  only means that I receive a small commission on the sale (really, very small) to help me get by.  So if you actually do put that yellow ribbon on your car, please consider purchasing through my links.  Thanks so much. 



No Make-Up Make-up?


Back in the day, we had two choices:  bare skin or foundation.

Today there’s a confusing trend of ‘no makeup-makeup’.

As a  young woman, I didn’t stray much from a classic, conservative look for two reasons: 1. It might have been the ’60’s but I come from a small town where there was a whole lot of judging going on.  Girls were lectured in church about the length of their skirts.  Schools had dress codes.  And ‘mean girls’ abounded.  Stick to the ‘norm’ or risk being ostracized.  2. Worse than any pubescent ‘mean girl’ hell was my mother.  From Paris, my mother was the epitome of ‘classic style’.   She never wore a pair of blue jeans in her life, went to the ‘Parlour’ every single week and often wore white gloves.  My mother’s mantra was ‘it doesn’t matter how you feel, it only matters how you look’ and she drilled that into me.

As I grew older, I developed my own power and style.    While the ‘mean girls’ got fat and frumpy, I got an education and traveled the world.   I developed a love of art and color and incorporated them often into my life wherever I could.  Thanks to Mom, I had a good foundation in classic, timeless style and simply put my own rift on it.  Make-up is just an extension of what I already loved because what is make-up besides art and color?

Frankly, I’ve never been entirely comfortable with bare skin.   Even in my 20’s I needed  a bit of color correction under my eyes and a little ‘sumpin-sumpin’ calming my red nose.

But I liked the idea of an uncomplicated easy look.  I live out in the sticks, and I tend to bundle up my errands to save gas.  A trip to town might include a dance class, a trip to the grocery store and a casual dinner out.  I don’t need to look glam for a dance class or a livestock auction,  but I want to look nice for a late lunch at a charming little bistro.  So playing with ‘no make up make up’ looks has been fun.

Probably the most important thing that you can do to rock a ‘no-makeup’ look is to have your skin in tip-top shape.  All the make-up tricks in the world can’t cover up an unloved complexion.    No one reading this will be surprised by the basics of skin care.  It starts from the inside out:  diet, exercise, drinking water, moisturize, exfoliate.

A ‘no-makeup’ look actually uses makeup, just not a heavy foundation.  There are many lighter choices:  BB cream, CC cream, DD cream (and yes, I saw an EE cream), tinted moisturizers, tinted sunscreens, tinted self-tanners.  Most have skin care ingredients and sunscreen.  So you’re actually helping your skin to be healthy by wearing them.

I’m enjoying a couple of ‘no make-up looks lately.  They are very easy and I don’t have to throw a lot of products into my dance bag to put make on between dance and lunch.

I start by applying  POREfessional Primer by Benefit to help smooth out my old lady pores. I just use my fingertips and push and pat the product into my skin.  The translucent formula contains a vitamin E derivative known to protect skin from  free radicals and really helps minimize my pores.

You can find it here:

Highlight 081




I have fallen in love with IT Cosmetics CC cream (in the shade light’).  Honestly, I think that this product is driving the trend for the no-make up look.  The tag line is ‘your skin but better’ and it’s true.  It has an SPF of 50, hydrates your skin and is color correcting. It helps diffuse the look of wrinkles, and give your skin a more radiant look.  I love it.  IT Cosmetics is certified by PETA as being cruelty free.

No makeup 006

To add a bit of sun-kissed glow, I’m using the Stila Convertible Color Duel Lip and Cheek Cream (I’m currently loving ‘Camellia’, a sort of warm peachy caramel).  I love the creaminess of the translucent formula and it just melts into my skin, imparting a soft glow.  This is a cream that I pat on to my cheekbones with my fingertips and swipe on my lips.  (I don’t normally care much about packaging, but the compact is really sweet.)

Available here:

No makeup 039

I follow-up with a few strokes of L’Oreal’s lash Paradise mascara and I’m on my way. This look takes me literally takes me 5 minutes to apply after I’ve washed my face, and I’m good for an afternoon in town.  And it’s four products that I don’t have to worry about breaking because they are all in plastic, sturdy containers with no powders.  Have you haven’t heard the hype, you’re missing out.

No makeup 044

Another ‘no foundation-foundation’ that I recently discovered is the Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow All-Year Hydrating Tint Summer Tint Moisturizer.   I had seen the Wayne Goss review and he was in love with the product.  You can see his review here:

I couldn’t find the product anywhere locally.  Even Nordstrom didn’t have it, so I ended up ordering it online.  It applies as an off white lotion that warms up and adjusts to your skin and gives you a lovely sort of ‘rose-gold’ tint.  There’s no SPF, but I don’t mind that because after an intense dance class my pores are open and sometimes an SPF can sting a bit.   Charlotte’s products are cruelty free.

No makeup 032


I think  that this moisturizer is beautiful alone, or you can use it as a base before foundation.  If worn alone, there is not a lot of coverage, but it does even out your skin tone.  It’s very, very natural looking and doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything at all.



Note:   I was a military wife for almost 30 years and now live on a very modest pension.  It does not cost you any more to purchase a product through my links, and  only means that I receive a small commission on the sale (really, very small) to help me get by.  So if you actually do put that yellow ribbon on your car, please consider purchasing through my links.  Thanks so much.  

Drug Store Dupes

Stick with me, babe. I’m a dupe searcher.  A bargain hunter.  A seeker of good things that will save me a few bucks yet still work like they’re queen-worthy.

C’mon.  We all are.  That’s why dollar store and drug store make-up sections exist.  We’re always looking for something that works just as well as that high-end product you got at the department store.  Finding a bargain is good, but finding a replacement for a product like Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara makes my heart beat just a little faster.  (Pssst…if you haven’t been paying attention, L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise will rock your world and is a legitimate contender to knock Too Faced off of the ‘King of the mascara  mountain’.  All of the lash fattening goodness at less than half the price.)

So I regularly prowl the shelves at Walgreens, Rite-Aid and CVS looking for what’s new, what’s pretty and what will work for me; a non-traditional beauty guru (read:  old).   And it’s the perfect habitat for a bargain hunter since it’s rare that a drug store doesn’t entice us with buy-one-get-one-half-off sale. Or even better, the buy-one-get-one-free sale that positively makes my toes curl with pleasure.

Here are a few others.  I hope that they work as well for you as they do for me:

Tarte Shape Tape $25  VS  Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser  $8


I’m old.  I use concealer by the bucket.  No, I don’t have the acne breakouts of a teenager but I have dark circles, fine lines and all kinds of train wrecks going on around my eyes. I need coverage, concealing and brightening action to keep me looking like I’ve gotten enough sleep even though the cats have been keeping me awake at night.    (Get it?  Cats?  Old cat lady?  C’mon!  Lighten up!)

Dupes 037

Ask any YouTube beauty guru… Tarte Shape Tape is ‘it’.  It’s hydrating and the long wearing formula delivers natural, radiant coverage across all skin types so you can instantly brighten and cover dark circles and redness while softening the look of pores and fine lines. It’s good stuff.

But you know what?  I like Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser BETTER.  It dries quicker and the formula seems lighter but has the same coverage.  And I don’t need to bake with it.  This super-concentrated treatment concealer features a micro-corrector applicator to eliminate the need for any extra sponges.  And at 1/3 the price of the Tarte product, it’s going to stay in my makeup kit.

Fionna Styles Soft Cheek Veil in ‘Valley’  $20  VS Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer  $11

I’m fair-skinned.  I’m never going to be a ‘Bronze Goddess’.  (Hey, a life threatening bout of malignant melanoma will cure you of that shyte quick.)  Still, I don’t want to look like a ghost.  What’s a girl to do?  I use a very light bronzer to just add just a slight hint of color and dimension.  I was born with good bones, I rarely feel the need to contour.

Dupes 020


I love Fionna Styles velvety soft pressed powder blushes.  The ultra fine, sheer-silky powder glides on seamlessly and blends easily delivering a buildable, natural-looking glow.  The shade ‘Valley’ makes a perfect low-key bronzer for me.  It adds just a touch of color.  But at 20 dollars each, I needed a dupe.

I found one in Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer at about half the price.  Infused with a powerful blend of Murumuru Butter, Cupuacu Butter and Tucuma Butter from the Amazon (what is with the Amazon marketing lately?  Why is it different from products from any other great river…like the Mississippi!  It’s incredibly soft and buttery and it smells amazing!

Laura Geller Spackle Mist $32 VS L’Oreal Infallible MakeUp Extender $8

I’m not a fan of ‘touch-ups’.  To begin with, I rarely carry a purse.  I have a sort of wallet that I keep some lipstick and my identification in.  I’m afraid that if I carry a purse I’ll leave it behind somewhere.  So I don’t carry powder or foundation or much else of the traditional ‘girl stuff’.  When I put my makeup on, I expect it to stay.  And sandwiching it between a primer and a good setting spray does the job of locking it in place.

Dupes 069.JPG

Laura Geller products are really up at the top of the line in make up.  There are so many that I LOVE and that I want to spend my money on.  But her Spackle Spray isn’t one of them.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s really, really good.  (Although I do have a problem with the aerosol pump on this product.  It darn near drowns me. ) But I found a drugstore dupe so now I can spend more money on her other products.

L’Oreal Infallible Make-Up Extender is a setting spry keeps my makeup looking fresh all day with no touch-ups, melting or fading.  Lightweight and oil free it keeps my makeup from smudging or setting into fine lines.  It’s a quarter of he price of the expensive stuff.   And the aerosol is a fine mist.  It feels so good.   That’s a no-brainer.

So these are my current dupe favorites.  What are yours?


Note:   I was a military wife for almost 30 years and now live on a very modest pension.  It does not cost you any more to purchase a product through my links, and  only means that I receive a small commission on the sale (really, very small) to help me get by.  So if you actually do put that yellow ribbon on your car, please consider purchasing through my links.  Thanks so much.  







Do You Pee When You Sneeze? I don’t!

This will be the final post (in a series of three) written about my experience with stress urinary incontinence and the repair to my urethra which caused  the problem.  Stress urinary incontinence is an embarrassing problem for many mature women, yet few women are willing to speak out because of the stigma attached.  

If you read my other blogs, thank you.  If you just landed on this page without knowing my history, my story is not unusual.  Stress urinary incontinence began to manifest in my life after the birth of my children.  The problem began with mildly annoying symptoms (such as peeing a little when I sneezed) and progressed until post-menopause, when the dribble began to interfere with activities in my life.

Despite high anxiety about the anesthesia and having been advised to not have the procedure done by another doctor, I checked myself into the outpatient wing of the local hospital at 5:30 in the morning.

I had grabbed a book from my library at the last-minute and stuck it in my bag.  In retrospect, the title wasn’t the best choice for my situation.  The book was ‘Stiff.  The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers’ by Mary Roach.  Funny as hell, but not the best choice  when you’re having some reservations about your decision to undergo the knife.

Going through surgery alone came with a lot of logistical problems such as actually getting to the hosital.  My kids do not live close and I like it that way.  I have intentionally let my driveway grow over with blackberry vines to discourage visitors.  I’ve learned the hard way that people take advantage when there’s not a man around.  I’m not a stupid woman but I am much too trusting.  My best friend had just donated a kidney and she couldn’t drive. I swallowed my pride and asked the neighbors to take me to the hospital and pick me up.  I walked the half mile down the driveway in the dark that morning so that they wouldn’t scratch their car.    At the hospital, when asked for emergency numbers, I couldn’t think of any and gave fake ones. Yes, I’ll admit it.  I have become a full-on hermit.


At the hospital, I was given bed in the equivalent of what would be an office cubicle.  It wasn’t a room, but more of a partitioned space.  There were a lot of other patients there. Someone was playing a radio too loudly.  I was given a lovely lavender paper gown and grey socks.  A nice male nurse gave me six warm, disposable cloths and told me to wash from my neck to my knees.  He checked my vitals (my blood pressure was still a little high from anxiety) and left me alone to read my book.   WHY DID I BRING THIS BOOK?

There were several other nurses that came through to ask questions at the computer. Each one was pleasant and professional.

The anesthesiologist came in and I told him about my fears of the anesthesia.  He just poo-poo’d me and said that every one had the same fears.  Honestly, if there was anything that pissed me off during this whole experience, it was his attitude.  “You know what, Dude?  I am not everyone.  I am me.  And I am frightened enough by what is happening here that my blood pressure is elevated and you’re telling me that I am just like everyone else and that is really doing nothing to alleviate my fears. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.”  But of course, I didn’t say that because I am a sweet old woman and he wouldn’t have listened anyway.   So I smiled and shut my mouth.

And then Dr. X came in, looking boyish in his navy blue scrubs.  He smiled at me. I have been blessed to have doctors in my life with really good bedside manners.  (Well, except for the aforementioned anesthesiologist.)  Dr. X was no different.  He made me feel at ease and that everything would be easy.  For him, it probably is.  He performs this procedure often.  If there’s one thing that I’m good at it’s giving the appearance of being strong and a tough old broad.  Being tough makes the other person feel better.  They feel as if they don’t really need to get any further involved.  They think to themselves that you have a great attitude and are doing fine.  I’ve seen it again and again.

Soon they were wheeling me down a maze of halls and I was reading the plaques next to the doors and I was completely surprised by the number of operating rooms that we passed.  This was a much bigger hospital than I realised.

And then we were waiting outside of ‘my’ operating room and the anesthesiologist stepped into the hall to stick an injection into my IV of something to ‘make me relax a little’.  WHERE THE HELL WAS THIS AN HOUR AGO? (But of course,  didn’t say this. Because I am an old woman and I am expected to behave.)  Someone put an oxygen mask on my face and we entered the OR.  I was surprised by how small it was.

The last thing that I remember was Dr. X shaving my pubic hair off.  And dang, he was not being gentle.  It sounded like a rake on gravel and probably would have bothered me even more if I hadn’t had the aforementioned injection.

And that was it.

At some point during the surgery, someone woke me up.  I think that I remember someone slapping my face.  But maybe I dreamed that.  I was extremely surprised to see all of these strangers.  I know that I wanted to question who they were, but I didn’t.  I know that I really wanted them to bring me pancakes, but for some reason I was afraid that they would get mad if I asked them for some.  (It’s anesthesia folks.  Stuff doesn’t make sense.)  Dr. X asked me to cough a few times.

And then I woke up a few hours later.

Sweet Chelsea was with me in my cubicle.  Chelsea is Dr X’s nurse and she is awesome. She asked me to get up and try to pee.  I couldn’t.  The tissues around my ureter were too swollen.

This had been explained to me previously.  9 out of 10 patients are not able to pee after this surgery and must  return home with a catheter, temporarily.  But I have always been a classic overachiever.  I wanted to be the 1 out of 10 that didn’t.  I strained to pee. Chelsea stopped me.  I failed the test.  I have failed very few tests in my life and it was humbling.  I was getting a Foley to take home and be my pet for three days.

I walked back to my bed and Chelsea outfitted me with the catheter, and a huge bag,   which brought up another problem.  I had been told to wear something ‘loose and comfortable’.  I wore baggy jeans. Catheters with huge bags are a bitch to wear with jeans.  But just like every thing else, I managed it.

And then thankfully I was released and back in the car with a script for painkillers and antibiotics.  I walked the half mile back down my driveway with my huge catheter bag and I was happy to see lizards dancing away from me into the brush.  After the chill of the operating room I enjoyed the feel of the scorching white heat of the California sun on my skin.  I reveled in my peace and quiet again.

But being home comes with its own set of problems.  I am not allowed to bathe for 6 weeks or lift more than 15 pounds.  My house is 117 years old and doesn’t have a shower and there is always something breaking or falling.  I live alone on a farm with animals.  There have been obstacles but I will persevere.  Because that’s what we do.

Fiin an me

Wearing a catheter at home wasn’t the worst experience of my life but it was a tremendous pain in the ass.  The dogs were constantly stepping on the tubing and it got caught in bushes outside as I worked.  It wasn’t painful but the damn thing was constantly in the way.  After 3 days,  I drove myself to the city to have Chelsea remove it. She filled my bladder with saline one last time measured and sent me across the hall to pee.   I pee’d more than she had put in!  There was almost no urine left in my bladder after voiding.


I’ve been home now for a week.  I still cannot lift anything or exercise but I have not leaked.  Not a single drop.  And I’ve coughed and sneezed, laughed at the animals and gone for long walks.  I have one spot that is still quite painful, (one of the external spots that is close to another scar.  I wonder if there is some sort of nerve damage from the previous scar?) but I’ve stopped taking the painkillers.   I’m trying to be compliant with my post-op instructions.

In the end, I’m happy that I was brave enough to have this procedure done.

We live in a culture where women over 50 become invisible.  While cookie baking grandmothers get a few kudos, most single older women become ‘spinsters’.  I can’t change social mores, but I can be responsible for myself having have a good, full life and happiness.   I had this surgery not because I’m vain (well, ok, maybe just a little) but because I have some self-respect.   The face that I present to society is a mark of my own self worth.  I have not disappeared.  I am relevent.



On a Budget? 12 Masks for 10 Bucks. #Guiltfree

I have champagne taste on a beer budget.

I like high-end skin care products but I can’t afford a lot of them.  So I settle for spending a little less in some areas so that I can spend a little more in others.

When my kids were little (in the ’70’s),  store-bought masks weren’t very popular. The three commandments of skin care then were: 1. Cleanse 2. Tone 3. Moisturize.  (Is it weird that I actually remember the first time that I heard the word ‘exfoliate’ in skin care?  It was in 1995 at a Beauticontrol party.  And we weren’t simply ‘told’ to exfoliate.  The word was led like a cheer: ‘Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!)

In addition to the 3 commandments, and under the guidance of our grandmothers, many of us country girls made ‘old-fashioned’ masks in our kitchens.  It was a solid part of our skin care routine.   We used things like milk and rosewater, honey, strawberries, avocado and cucumber on our skin.   Olive oil and vinegar and chamomile and lemons went on our hair.  As time went by, we added things like green tea and coffee grounds and rice water to our homemade products.  And you know what?  Those homemade masks were awesome.  They were hydrating and brightening, soothing and clearing.  I still make them for my ‘pamper-myself-Sunday-spa-days’…which sadly I don’t get time for very often.

Today, there are a lot more ingredients available to help and hydrate our skins.   Serums, vitamins, minerals and acids are mass-made in labs and usually are cheaper than a basket of strawberries (which says a lot about our society).  For so many of us, beauty really does come down to a price tag and time.  And I’m always looking for ‘easy buttons’ to save both.

So when a friend recommended an on-line store called ‘’, I took a look.

Nothing in the ‘Miss A’ store was over one dollar.  You might scoff but it wasn’t that long ago that e.lf. launched with on on-line presence only and every single item that e.l.f. carried was either 1, 2 or 3 bucks.  That was their hook.

Here’s a link to their store:

So I wasn’t dissuaded by the cheap prices that ‘Miss A’ offered.  Especially when I saw that their FAQ page said that they offered cruelty-free products.    (I wasn’t able to find any of the brands on the ‘Leaping Bunny’ website though, and I’m still trying to clarify that completely. )

Their FAQ also says that they are able to distribute directly from the manufacturer which keeps the prices low.  The on-line reviews were pretty good (I actually don’t have a lot of faith in on-line reviews these days because it seems like manipulation is so easy), but I spoke to people whom I know and had ordered from the website and they were happy with most of the products they received.  I valued that intel much more than anonymous reviews.

So I ordered some stuff including two sets of 12 masks.  The transaction was easy.  It was fun because every product was only a buck!  I was able to try some silly stuff (like unicorn highlighter) and check out a few dupes (a knock-off for the Vero Mona brush cleaner and e.l.f. brushes?) and a boat load of masks.

All the products that I wanted were in stock.  They sent a confirmation notice.  The shipping did take awhile  (over two weeks).  I didn’t mind because my shipping was free since I had ordered over 50 dollars worth of products.  Barely.  If I had paid a lot for shipping, I would have expected my package faster.

The masks arrived bundled and wrapped in bubble wrap.  None had leaked.  I’d seen many of the brands at local retail outlets and on Amazon, with most of them priced at just over 2 dollars each.   The ones from Miss A had come in at about .83 cents each.  (Also, it seems to me that I got a few of these brands in a subscription box a few months back, but I’m not 100% positive. )

The 12-pack K-Beauty Sheet Mask set included:  6 masks from the Creme shop (rose oil, milk, blueberry, collagen, pink lemonade, green tea), 1 by Cala (hydrating coconut oil), 3 by Celavi (tea tree, coconut and avocado), and 2 from Naisture (cooling cucumber and sweet honey).  All ingredients were listed and they were highly variable from mask to mask.  Some had ‘better’ ingredients than others just as any masks that you buy at the drug store would.

The Glowy Skin 12-Piece set included:  8 masks from Naisture (Lovely Strawberry. Fresh Aloe, White Rose, Elastic Q-10, Moisture Green Tea, Brightening Arbutin, Juicy Pomegranate, Revital Collagen), 4 from Beauty Treats (Papaya Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask, Peach Oxygen Bubble Mask, Vitamin E Skin Brightening Natural Pearl Mask and Plumeria with Refreshing Vitamin C)

Miss A 027

Bottom line?  Yes, I’d prefer to take the time to make my own masks with intention and love.  Yes, I’d prefer to buy masks with higher end ingredients.  But right now, that’s not in the cards.  I’m crazy busy.  And these masks do a good job.  They hydrate and add  emollients and make me feel as if I’m spoiling myself (and I deserve that).  So I think these inexpensive masks are an alternative and one that I will be ordering again.

I also enjoyed the site.  It was fun to shop and actually order a ‘Haul’ that came in under 50 bucks.  Yes, there were a few products that I didn’t like.  But there were others that I am really enjoying.

With everything under a dollar, it’s a totally guilt free shopping trip.  I wish that I could say the same about my homemade ice cream and soda.

Soda (final 2).JPG













Cleaning Make-Up Brushes and Sponges

I’m home, recovering from surgery. I’ll wait until after my post-op office visit with my Doctor to finish writing about my experience correcting my ‘don’t make me laugh or I’ll pee’ series.

I’m a little bit limited in the realm of my activities, so I’m choosing a topic that doesn’t take a lot of physical activity.  I’m taking pain medication, and although it might be entertaining to watch me put make-up on , I’ll pass for now.  In the meantime, let’s talk about something that doesn’t require a lot of hand-eye coordination: cleaning brushes.

Is it weird that I get extreme satisfaction from cleaning my make-up brushes?

I have an eclectic collection; a few high-end brushes, a lot of mid-range quality brushes and a few really cheap ones. There’s even a paintbrush in the mix. (Honestly, that paintbrush is one of my favorites for applying eyeshadow to my crease.)

Brush Cleaners 017.JPG

Brushes and beauty tools are a relatively new concept.

Max Factor added a sponge to his make-up compact in the 1920’s; still most women relied on fingertip application of their foundation until the ’80’s.

I remember buying my first package of white disposable triangle sponges at Merle Norman back in the ’90’s,  The beauty tool industry has come a long way since then,

These days, when I purchase a new make-up palette, the first thing that I do is throw away the cheap applicator that it usually comes with.  If I’m spending money on a quality product, I’m going to use a quality product to apply it.

And there are so many options.

The Beauty Blender and it’s countless knock offs, Wayne Goss, Morphe, e.l.f., Artiste, Sigma, Bobbi Brown, Silisponge, IT, MAC, Sephora, Ulta.  Rose Brushes, Unicorn brushes, natural bristle, synthetic  bristle. vegan. cruelty free.

Because we are making an investment in our tools, we want to take care of them.  We want them to last.  Also, brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria because they become packed with old makeup and dead skin cells, If you don’t clean your brushes, you are re-applying those nasty things back onto your face with every stroke.

For cleaning purposes:  I sort my brushes into 3 basic types:

Powder brushes (for powder blush and foundations).  I usually only clean these every week or so.  All they need is a good wipe with a damp cloth.  If you’re using a heavily pigmented powder, then consider giving them a bath every few weeks.

Eyeshadow/eyebrow brushes.  Although I clean these after almost every use (I don’t want last night’s ‘smokey eye’ showing up on this afternoon’s pastel ‘halo eye) I’ll use a dry cleaner, such as the Vera Mona Color Switch (see below).

‘Wet’ brushes that are used for applying liquid foundation, cream blushes and eyeshadows and lip brushes.   These are the brushes that will harbor bacteria.  To avoid breakouts, these brushes should be cleaned often.

Just as there is a price range of make-up brushes, there’s a wide range in cleansers.  Here are some of my favorites:

Good Ol’ Dr. Bronner’s Baby Unscented Pure-Castile Soap.  Honestly, is there any place that you can’t use this stuff?  After rinsing my brush in warm water, I’ll swirl it around in a bowl with a few drops of Dr. Bronner’s added.  Rinse with more warm water and lay flat to dry.  (Don’t stand on end until the brush is dry.  Water in the ferrule will cause it to rust or loosen the glue that holds the bristles.)  All ingredients In Dr. Bronner’s soaps are certified fair trade and cruelty free, and it’s a most economical brush cleaner.

You can buy it here:

Brush Cleaners 130

Sephora Color Switch by Vera Mona.  A simple sponge that removes pigment from the brush instantly without moisture.  It’s perfect for swatching or between eye shadow colors.

Buy it here:

Brush Cleaners 105

Cinema Secrets professional grade Makeup Brush Cleaner.  This is a quick drying and rinse free formula.  It’s advertising as smelling like vanilla, but I think that’s a stretch.  It’s not an unpleasant smell, but not very vanilla-y to me and more baby powderish.  The nice thing about this is that your brushes dry very quickly.  It does contain Naptha and Isopropylparaben, so I’d make sure to use this in a well ventilated space.

Check it out here:

Brush Cleaners 110.JPG

IT Brush Bath Purifying Brush Cleaner.  This alcohol free formula removes even the heavy, oily foundations from brushes easily.  It’s the ONLY cleaner that I’ll use on my IT brushes.  I love it.

It’s available here:

Brush Cleaners 159.JPG


Keeping your brushes clean helps keep your skin clean.  And you want to take care of your investment!